There are a number of ways in which people can add that special touch to their homes. Home decor gift ideas can range from scatter cushions, to throws to a new paint job. You needn’t spend excessive amounts of money on revamping and decorating your home. And if you want to help a friend out and offer some thoughtful gifts for them to add that homely touch why not consider wooden signs? There area number to chose from , ranging from rustic signs, to painted inspirational quotes to the signs with vinyl images and art as well as sayings on them. The interest here is what is a vinyl wooden sign and why does it add a special sparkle to a home?

Wooden signs with vinyl applications make a great gift. They form the perfect custom home decor signs. Vinyl designs can be applied and removed from any space in your home and work perfectly on wood. They do not have the permanency of painted signs. You can place them on wood and hang them anywhere in your home. Think about it. The possibilities of using vinyl on wood to make signs are endless! They really are custom signs for home decor.

Perhaps you have a friend who has just moved into a new home. You can get the vinyl lettering and make them a ‘Welcome’ sign. Or perhaps they have recently had a baby. A sign on the door for the nursery with the name of the baby on it is a great and personalized gift idea. Custom home decor signs are not just limited to lettering. If you are an artist, or inclined towards that, there are a range of pictures, designs, abstract pieces and mosaic applications. These make great gifts and can be used anywhere in the home.

Perhaps there is a family member or friend who has a child that is obsessed with a particular superhero for instance. You can get the picture, place it on the wood sign and give it as a great gift for him or her to hang in their room. Party gifts galore for children if you get creative with their interests.You can also think about signs designating rooms in the house or decorating kitchens for instance, in a quirky way. For example ‘only the chef allowed in here!’. There are endless ideas if you just go and look around.

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